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The following are the top seven reasons why we believe you will not regret choosing this internship experience in our coworking centers of Barcelona:

  1. 1
    Barcelona: One of the most fascinating cities in Europe

    Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and one of the safest cities in Europe. A place where you can find everything that meets your needs and interests: beaches, mountains, culture, parties, architecture, theatre, sports, old traditions, new technologies, flea markets, museums, bars, open air restaurants/bars, and much more. 

  2. 2
    Coworking Experience – Work in an innovative environment

    Be a part of the movement of coworkers, entrepreneurs and freelancers in Barcelona by creating professional, personal and social networks internationally with businesses from a wide range of industries. Immerse yourself in connection opportunities. 

  3. 3
    Learn from passionate entrepreneurs: develop your own startup idea, personal project or school paper with us.

    You will be participating in the development of an exciting startup in Barcelona. Getting to work daily with them will help you understand and experience the real challenges newly companies face. You will be inspired and guided by passionate entrepreneurs while you develop your own startup idea, personal project or school paper if you need to. Our team is ready to provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish your professional and academic goals. 


  4. 4
    Language Workshops

    Im our multicultural network of coworking spaces, you will be able to take language workshops from Spanish and Portuguese to French and even Russian! This will help you improve your language skills while you integrate into the local culture. No entry level is needed, just desire to learn. 

  5. 5
    Accomodation in a charm, hipster and local neighborhood

    You will be staying next to our Coworking spaces in Gracia neighborhood, a safe and centric area in Barcelona. We will provide accommodation guidance through BCU, our housing partner. Barcelona Centre Universitari (BCU)  is the official housing partner for the main academic institutions in Barcelona. 


  6. 6
    Live the most of the local culture

    We organize events and meetups around the city in order to have, for sure, a professional and irreplaceable experience. You can attend to a variety of activities and trips that will make you have an authentic experience and get to know much more than the traditional and touristic places in Barcelona.


  7. 7
    Make new friendships at parties, meet ups and travels

    Monthly attractive and stimulating leisure activities outside the traditional tourist circuits are offered in order for you to really experience the culture and lifestyle in Barcelona. Some options include photography workshops, creative cuisine, wine tasting courses, cultural routes and much more. Make friends from all over the world and share your experience with vibrant people!


Come and experience your best internship ever! Our network of coworking spaces and a city like Barcelona offer you a professional and personal experience you will not forget. You will work with young, dynamic companies that are located in our centers. We focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and new ideas. Discover a different Barcelona and have the opportunity to meet local people. Contact us and we'll tell you everything. Make it happen!



If you want to get personal feedback from past participants just let us know and we will put you in contact with the previous interns. (From Italy, Mexico, Perú,Russia, Holland, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Philadelphia, etc.) Contact us: info@internshipcoworkingbarcelona.com